How to Apply
  • Click on Apply for the company you wish to bid for.
  • Provide valid PAN
  • Once you provide PAN, all mandatory details shall be displayed on the screen. (Only in case if you are an existing customer of “Libord Brokerage Pvt. Ltd”)
  • Select Qty (quantity that is a multiple of the lot size is allowed) and enter valid UPI Id and submit your Bid.
  • Once you click on submit, you’ll receive a mandate request on your UPI app. (It may take a few hours for you to receive this mandate in some cases since this system is still in the initial stages of operation.) Accept the mandate to complete the process. This will block the funds required for the application in your bank account until the date of allotment. If you receive an allotment, the money is debited from your bank account and shares are credited to your demat account
  • At the end of the day after submitting the IPO bid, you will receive an SMS from the exchange confirming your application
  • If you don’t receive an allotment, the blocked funds are released on the date of allotment